That's What She Said

A podcast that highlights the accomplishments and contributions by women in STEM. But we're more than just a podcast. We're a voice.


While STEM is known for pushing the world forward, it's notorious for leaving women behind.


And those who do make extraordinary progress within their fields aren't celebrated like their male peers—often times their credit is stolen outright. We're here to set the record straight—and to reclaim the phrase—because it's not always what he said, it's what she said.


We didn't want to make just another awareness campaign; we wanted to tackle the problem in a tangible way. So we're starting with shaping the future by creating lessons and lesson plans that celebrate women of the past and give them they credit the deserve.
That's What She Said is an educational platform equipping students and the adults in their lives with skills and mindsets to tackle gender inequality in the workforce. 




For teachers, we created short, animated lessons that highlight historical women in STEM with accompanying readings and questions to foster discussion in the classroom.




For parents, we created podcasts. They're short, 15-minute interviews of accomplished women in STEM today. Fifteen minutes is the average car ride. Now parents can press play to inspire a conversation with their child after.




We also created a line of merch to help amplify our message in a way people can visibly support this movement—for bringing women in STEM to the forefront—both inside and outside the classroom. 


created with an incredible team of multi-talented feminists:
Tommy Carroll (XD)
Evan Chiplock (CW)
Billy Reano (XD)