I mainly* shoot on film.

The following are a few of the series of photographs I have recently created.



film photography. 2014 - 2018.



new home.

iphone Photography, 2018

To become an adult. 

film photography. 2018

In Japan, coming of age celebrations happen when you turn twenty. I didn't partake when I was twenty; in a way, I did not feel as though I had developed enough to merit celebration. My sister, however, felt a strong desire to partake in this custom to feel more connected to our history. It was one of those ways our bicultural identity manifest itself differently. So I photographed her.


This is where I left you

film photography + digital illustration. 2018

I photograph places that are meaningful to me as a means of self-portraiture. This series of photographs are places where I felt I particularly developed—to the point I felt I became a different version of myself. And thus, in hindsight became places where I left former versions of myself.