Little Tikes

Born to Ball

Little Tikes Basketball Hoops foster the love of the game in your child, by teaching the best part of it first: dunking.

Tittle Tike_ assasin in the paint.jpg


In Store

Let adults remember what it felt like to be able to make buckets.

in store.jpg

Basketball Court Play mat


Custom Colors

Customize hoops online to foster a love for your team, not just the game.

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Little Tike  Hoop Clip

Clip your phone to the hoop and record your child's dunk reel.


Half Time Dunk Contest

The VA 529 college savings plan already sponsors baby races. Now they can sponsor toddler dunk contests.

dunk contest.jpg

Little Tike Gear

The uniform for all those born to ball.


Copywriter + thunder-bringer: Brian Marcolini